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Who I am And Why You Need Listen to Me?

I’m not an Expert. If Neil Patel said he’s not an expert, then there’s no point claiming I am (LOL). When it comes to making money online I’m just an apprentice. But because of my curiosity and passion, I spend an extra time in researching, reading articles to expand my knowledge. I could no longer count how many ebooks I’ve read, how many video tutorials I’ve watched, and how many websites I’ve visited just to dig information about Making Money online.

I’m not a writer. Writing articles is one way to send traffic to my main blog. Therefore, I need to write articles, although I’m not a good writer. Before publishing my articles, I need to call some of my friends to check my articles. But despite of this, I make it sure that my articles are worth reading and useful in my own special way. With that, I could consider myself as a great example for bloggers lacking of writing skills, yet have a desire to make money online.

I’m Still Young and Enjoying My Youthful Days. My experiences aren’t enough but Carlos P.Romulo once said that Age does not matter if the matter does not age… That popular adage inspired me to do my best in blogging. I believe somehow there are people will find my tips very useful despite of my young age.

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