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27+ Best Among Us Hacks Scripts and Cheat Codes Guide

27+ Best Among Us Hacks Scripts and Cheat Codes Guide
30.12.2021 10:01

Best Among Us Hacks Scripts and Cheat Codes Guide.. Want to know about Among Us hacks? Do you know how many hacks are possible in the game? If not then read the article to know about all the hacks that are possible in the game.

Among Us is one of the top downloaded games in 2021 and currently becoming popular day by day. As the popularity of the game increased, people started trying hacks and installing mod versions to cheat in the game.

Although it is an online multiplayer game still it could be easily hacked and there are lots of hacks and mods that are available on the Internet.

Do note that this article only contains information about all possible hacks, cheat codes, and scripts in Among Us. We do not support hacking or any other illegal kinds of stuff. This article does not contain any mod apk link

Among Us Hack Cheat Codes List:

The Among Us hack list is divided into various menu hack sections like player, movement, host, account, other misc, etc. There are lots of awesome and useful hacks present in each menu that will help you to win the game easily.

Best Among Us Hacks, Cheat Codes and Scripts Guide
Best Among Us Hacks, Cheat Codes, and Scripts Guide

Below is the list of all the Among Us hacks that are possible in the game:

  1. Show Crewmate and Imposter
  2. No Kill Cooldown
  3. End Vote
  4. Move-in Meeting
  5. Unlimited Emergency Meetings
  6. No Meeting Cooldown
  7. No Door Cooldown
  8. Force All Enter and Leave Vent
  9. Sabotage Lights
  10. Repair Sabotage
  11. Torch Distance
  12. Close Doors
  13. See Ghosts + Chat
  14. Complete Tasks
  15. Spam Text During Killing
  16. Vote Adjuster
  17. Speed Hack
  18. Always an Imposter
  19. End Game [Imposters or Crewmate Win]
  20. Instant Win
  21. Random Colors, Hats, Skins, Pets
  22. Change Everyone’s Name
  23. Unlock Skins, Pets, Hats
  24. No Ads
  25. Confirm Ejected
  26. Long Kill Distance
  27. Player 2/3 = Imposter

Now let’s see each hack functionality in detail.

1. Show Crewmate and Imposter

With this hack, you will be able to see all the player’s details like name, death status, their role (Imposter or Crewmate) once the game starts. You can easily identify who the imposters are in the game with this show crewmate and imposter hack and it is the most common hack that every hacker uses in the game.

Among Us Show Imposter and Crewmate Hack
Show Imposter and Crewmate Hack

2. No Kill Cooldown

You can remove the kill cooldown timer using this hack which means that if you are an imposter then you can instantly kill crewmates back to back without any timer countdown limit. But this trick will only work when you are an imposter in the game.

Among Us No Kill Cooldown Hack
No Kill Cooldown Hack

In the above image, you can see that even if I kill the crewmate, still there is no kill cooldown timer and I can kill crewmates one after the another without having to wait for the kill cooldown time to complete.

3. End Vote

In the meeting, you can end the vote automatically by using the end vote hack. No waiting time to skip the meeting or you can use this hack if other players are trying to vote you to end the meeting immediately. This hack will automatically end the vote and no one will be ejected out from the plane.

4. Move-in Meeting

In case if you want to move into the meeting without pressing the emergency meeting button or reporting the dead body then you can use this move-in meeting hack. It will automatically initiate the meeting from anywhere on the map without even wasting the emergency meeting count.

5. Unlimited Emergency Meetings

Unlike the Move in Meeting hack, this hack will give you an unlimited emergency meetings limit. You can move in meetings unlimited times but the only condition is that you will need to press the button whereas, in move-in meeting hack, it automatically initiates the meeting without wasting the emergency meeting count.

Among Us Unlimited Emergency Meetings Hack
Unlimited Emergency Meetings Hack

6. No Meeting Cooldown

Whenever the meeting gets over, there is a cooldown time that needs to finish before applying for another emergency meeting. You can remove that meeting cooldown using this no meeting cooldown hack in Among Us. This hack is mostly useful for crewmates.

7. No Door Cooldown

One of the most useful hacks for an Imposter. Whenever an imposter closes the door, it gets closed for some time and once that time finishes, there is a cooldown that needs to finish before closing the same door.

Among Us No Door Cooldown Hack
No Door Cooldown Hack

Using this hack, you can close the doors without even thinking about the door cooldown time. There will be no cooldown time for doors and you can close the same door whenever you want to.

8. Force All Enter and Leave Vent

This hack is a little bit risky and the Among Us cheating detection system can kick you out of the game. With this hack, you can control other players’ movements by forcing them to enter into vents and getting out from them like an imposter. The hack will apply to all the player’s movements which makes it funnier.

9. Sabotage Lights

By using the sabotage lights hack, you can reduce other players’ vision drastically. It will be difficult to play the game since the lights will be out.

Even if someone tries to fix the lights, sabotage will instantly occur again and again. So if you are an imposter then you must try this hack.

10. Repair Sabotage

Using this hack, you can repair any sabotage missions created by an imposter. One of the most helpful hacks for crewmates.

Just turn this hack on then whenever an imposter will create a sabotage mission, it will instantly get repaired and you will not need to repair it manually.

11. Torch Distance

You can increase your character vision using this torch distance hack. You can extend the distance from 0 to 15. If you switch the torch distance to 15, you will be able to see a lot more than a normal view. In the case of a crewmate even if the imposter sabotage the lights still you will be able to see everything.

Among Us Torch Distance Hack
Vision Hack

12. Close Doors

You can close specific or all doors which you want to close and it will be permanently closed by using the close doors hack and it will be closed until you turn off this hack again. It is one of the best hacks because you can trap anyone in the room by closing the doors permanently.

Among Us Close Doors Hack
Close Doors and Other Hacks

13. See Ghosts + Chat

Active players cannot see the ghost players or their chats who got kicked out of the plane or dead. But by using this hack, you can see the ghost’s characters and even their chats. So you can easily know what dead players are talking to each other.

14. Complete Tasks

If you get tired of completing all the tasks as a crewmate then you can use the complete tasks hack which will automatically complete your mission with a single click.

It might be a risky hack because the cheating system can detect it and you might get a ban from the joined server.

15. Spam Text During Killing

Have you ever noticed the killing animation whenever an imposter kills a crewmate? Only the killing animation occurs but now you can spam a custom text whenever you kill someone using this spam text hack.

You just need to enter the custom spam text in the spam field and tap on the “Spam” button to start the spam text hack. Now whenever you will kill someone, the custom spam text will appear to them.

16. Vote Adjuster

Suppose you are in the emergency meeting and other players decided to vote you out and kick you from the plane. Well, you could not do anything in that case but by using the vote adjuster hack, you can adjust the vote and can vote out any player you want.

Among Us Vote Adjuster Hack
Vote Adjuster Hack

This hack automatically votes out the chosen player even if other players don’t want to vote for the chosen player. It is one of the helpful hacks during emergency meetings.

17. Speed Hack

You can modify your player’s movement speed from 0 (normal) to 15 (highest). This hack will only modify your player’s speed and will not apply to other players. Simply just choose any movement speed and the hack will automatically start working.

Among Us Speed Hack
Speed Hack

But I would recommend you to not use this hack because other players can notice your character’s speed and then they can quickly conclude that you were using the speed hack and eventually they will kick you out from the server.

18. Always an Imposter

Always an imposter hack is one of the coolest hacks possible in the game. Using this hack you will always be an imposter in the game.

Sometimes it does not work but the majority of the time you will be an imposter in the game if you use this hack. Once you become the imposter, you can use the No Sabotage Cooldown and Doors Cooldown hack to win the game easily.

19. End Game

If you want to win the game in between then you can use this end game hack which will automatically let you win either you be an imposter or a crewmate. So in case if you are losing the game then you can try this hack to win the game instantly.

20. Instant Win

Instant Win provides the same feature as the End Game hack but in the instant win hack, you will instantly win the game when the game starts. No need to clear the missions or any other kinds of stuff. Just activate this hack and you will win all the game rounds directly.

21. Random Colors, Hats, Skins, Pets

You can try this hack for fun only. When activating this hack, the colors, hats, skins, and pets of each character will change continuously making it funnier to play the game.

But I would recommend you not to try this hack as it is a little bit dangerous and the cheating system can detect it when you activate this hack.

22. Change Everyone’s Name

You can automatically change every player’s name in the game whenever you want by using the change everyone name hack. The only downside of this hack is till now there is no feature to change only a particular player name. If you use this hack, every player’s name will be changed to the same name.

But make sure that you activate this hack when you are a host player because if not then the cheating system can easily detect this hack and can kick you out from the server room.

23. Unlock Skins, Pets, Hats

Are you fascinated with skins, pets, hats, and special outfits? Well, these outfits and other skins can cost you money to use. But by using the unlock hack, you can easily unlock everything in the game which requires money to unlock.

24. No Ads

Annoyed with ads popping during joining the server room again? This hack will help you to save tons of your internet data by eliminating ads to pop up during joining the server room again.

Among Us Other Misc Hacks
Other Misc Hacks

25. Confirm Ejected

You can change the confirmed ejected settings using this hack. The confirm ejected settings can only be changed by the host player before starting the match but now by using the confirm eject hack, you can change the settings whenever you want.

This hack will make sure that when a player gets kicked out from the plane by voting, the system will not display them if they were an imposter or not.

26. Long Kill Distance

Using this long-distance kill, an imposter can easily kill crewmates even if crewmates are at a long distance from the imposter. It is one of the best hacks for an imposter as they can kill anyone from a long distance and win the game by activating this hack.

27. Player 2/3 = Imposter

Did you ever notice that when there are 6 players in the server room, the game automatically assigns only 1 player as an imposter? But by using this hack, you can assign more players as an imposter even when there are less than 6 players in the game.

That’s it with this guide. I hope now you can understand all the possible hacks present in Among Us. If I missed any of the hacks then you can comment below. I will add that hack in this guide if it is possible in the game.

Among Us Hack Scripts and Cheat Codes – Related FAQ:

Below are some of the frequently asked questions by people on the Among Us Hack topic. I think it will be able to clear all your queries and doubts regarding it.

Can We Hack Among Us?

Yes, it is possible to hack Among Us and there are lots of mods and hacks available on the Internet which provides various hacks features. But Innersloth is constantly improving the cheating detection system to eliminate hacking during playing the game.

Which Are Some Of The Best Among Us Hacks Possible?

There are lots of awesome hacks available for both an imposter and crewmates in Among Us. Some of them are – show crewmates and imposters, no door and kill cooldown time, unlocking everything, vote adjuster, instant win, show ghosts + chats, complete all missions, repair sabotage, torch distance, and many more hacks.

Will I Get Banned Permanently If I Got Caught While Hacking?

Innersloth company is constantly improving the cheating detection system in Among Us. If the cheating detection system detects you while hacking then you will get disconnected from the server. Currently, the detection system only removes you from the playing server but in the future detection system can permanently block you from playing the game for a while.


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