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Best Fortnite Hacks and Fortnite Aimbot

Best Fortnite Hacks and Fortnite Aimbot
18.12.2021 01:21

Makalede Neler Var

Best Fortnite Hacks and Fortnite Aimbot.. Fortnite hacks and/or Fortnite aimbot are essential if you are looking to lock on and headshot targets automatically. So in this post, we’ll walk you through on how to hack fortnite.

Envision you are in the middle of a field. Your environment looks familiar but most of the folks are gone. Hence its just you and 99 others. With your shotgun, machete and backpack, you’d know it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. So to survive, you are left with no other option than to gather resources and fight others over the most valuable items all in a bit to becoming the last man standing.

If this scenario sounds familiar, then you are probably among the millions of people playing Epic’s Fortnite. The game for one thing took the gaming community by storm upon its launch and its building aspects, cartoony graphics and battle royale gameplay style aided greatly in its popularity. But you’d know it can be pretty overwhelming and challenging to play.

Hence as a beginner, you do be urged to utilize hacks in other to make the gameplay easier. So if you don’t want to suck at what you do, then here is how to hack Fortnite on PC, PS4, Xbox One and on mobile phones.

Fortnite hacks

Injecting some codes into a video game in other to gain unfair advantage isn’t as bad as people think. We have all at one point in time entered cheat codes into various games in other to unlock special modes, get weapons, unlimited ammo and infinite health.

This helps to make gameplay activities easier and equally saves gamers the hassle of breaking their controllers out of frustration. While Epic Games are hell-bent on putting a stop to various Fortnite hacks, we have found something that works and the chances of ban is pretty low.


So if you are ready to cheat in-game, then here’s how to hack Fortnite and gain stuffs like the best aimbot, ESP and more.

Note: Do ensure to turn of your anti virus and Windows defends system to avoid false positives. Your computer may detect the files we’re going to Install below as a pontential threat but they aren’t. They’re completely safe.

Install Caprice Fortnite Injector

While on a search for a Fortnite hack that works, we tried many software’s both free and paid and non was able to hack Fortnite for stuffs like aimbot, fast reload and more. Fortunately, we found an app that works and it’s free to use. So to begin with, go ahead and download Caprice Fortnite Injector on your PC from here.

Once downloaded, utilize the password 1234 to extract it. Then access the extracted folder and click on the setup file. From here, click the “Install” button followed by “Next” and wait for it to get installed. You should now see a new software on your desktop after clicking ok. So go ahead and fire up the app (i.e Caprice Menu).

Using it on PC

Caprice Fortnite Injector is a pretty generous app. It can painlessly hack Fortnite on PC, PS4, Xbox and mobile phones. So here’s how to get it up and running on PC.

  • With the “CAPRICE Menu” launched, select the HWID Spoofer option and click Spoof. You can also go into the advanced settings section and change things in there, but it’s not really necessary though.
  • Once done, simply go back to CARPICE Menu and select PC. Now go ahead and open Fortnite and let it load fully well. You’d see the Injector say process found.
  • Now click the Inject button to inject the hacks and you should be good to go.

You can painlessly call out the Fortnite Hack Menu by pressing F6 on your keyboard and then enable any hacks you want.

Using it on PS4, Xbox and Mobile Phones

With the PC guide done and dusted, it’s time to hack Fortnite on PS4, Xbox and mobile phones. So if you have installed the Caprice Fortnite Injector on your PC as instructed, then here’s how to get things going.

  • With Caprice Menu fired up, simply select the PS4, Xbox or Mobile option.
  • Next up connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable. Then click the Inject button and wait.
  • An app should be installed on your phone. Once this is done, unplug your phone from your PC and plug it to your PS4 or Xbox. (If you are gaming on mobile, ignore the latter).
  • Now run Fortnite on your PS4, Xbox or mobile phone and open the app that was installed on your phone (Caprice Menu).
  • Adjust the settings and select the hacks you want then click Inject.

Wrapping Up

Caprice Fortnite Injector offers a slew of hacks that’s handy. From giving you the option to enable aimbot and item ESP to allowing player ESP and speed. It can also help you reload faster, remove bloom and overall jump higher while changing your FOV and smoothening your aimbot. In summary, this is the best Fortnite hacks for aimbot, ESP, FOV and more.


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