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Cats & Soup: How To Switch Cats? (2022)

Cats & Soup: How To Switch Cats? (2022)
03.02.2022 15:11

Cats & Soup: How To Switch Cats? (2022).. Cats & Soup is a fun mobile game where you have to cook delicious food and expand your territory by introducing cats in the game. It is a very cute game full of little kittens working on different areas in the game.

Introduce new cats and assign them duties and complete the given quests in the game. Completing tasks will reward you with in-game points that you can use to buy or sell new items and cats in the game.

In this article, we will tell you about steps to switch cats in Cats & Soup. So without any further delay, let us straight jump on the steps to do the same!

Steps To Change Cats in Cats & Soup:

It is very quick and easy to Switch cats in Cats & Soup. This situation occurs when you select a random cat in a kitchen whose skills aren’t capable of completing the assigned task. At this time all you can do is get another cat to get the work done. Follow the simple steps written below to switch the cat and complete the quest.

  • Look for a menu button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

switch cats in Cats & Soup

  • Now click on the “Cats” option in front of you to get a list of all the cats that you have unlocked so far.

switch cats in Cats & Soup

  •  On the next screen, hit the Switch button to get the list of cats. Now, select the cat with the skills that you need to complete the task. Every cat’s skills are mentioned in front of their names in the form of a small emoticon.
  • For example, if you see a carrot in front of a cat then she can cut Carrots. If you see cabbage or any other vegetable, the cat is eligible to work on that particular vegetable.

switch cats in Cats & Soup

  • Select the cat of your choice and hit the reverse button next to it to ‘Reverse’ it.

switch cats in Cats & Soup

This is the easiest way to switch cats in Cats & Soup. In case you don’t find the cat with the required skill in the list then there is another option for you. All you have to do is, replace your old cat with a new one by spending 500 Gems. Click on the option above the list and get a new cat with a new skill in Cats & Soup.

This is everything you need to know about how to switch cats in Cats & Soup.


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