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How to change your name in PUBG on PC and Phone

How to change your name in PUBG on PC and Phone
24.11.2021 22:35

How to change your name in PUBG on PC and Phone.. If you’re an avid PUBG gamer, then you’ll be happy to know that both the PC and mobile versions of the game now allow you to change your display name and appearance.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make the changes. Keep reading to learn more.

When can you change your PUBG Mobile name on PC?

When you set up a new PUBG account, you have one chance to select the name Gamertag. This is the name other players see on the leader boards, when you kill them, or when they’re searching for teammates. You should make it good.

If you sign up with Facebook the game automatically picks your Facebook name as your gaming nickname. If you get bored with your pick after a while, you can select a new cool name provided you have a Rename Card.

How to get a Rename Card in PUBG

You can acquire a rename card through these methods: PUBG mobil UC..


If you have 180 Battle Points, head over to the PUBG mobile shop then click the “Random” tab and buy a Rename Card. In the PC version of the game, you’ll click the “Others” tab.

There are various ways to earn Battle Points in the game. From linking your Facebook account (2000 BP), completing small tasks like surveys (188 BP), to participating in daily events (up to 200 BP).

Ideally, if you can spare $9.99, you’ll be able to get a Rename card from the PUBG store.

Update the game

When you update to PUBG 0.4 or any later version, you automatically get a free Rename Card.

You’ll get the card when you go to “Events”, then “Inventory”, and open the “Box” item.

Complete missions

For those who have already upgraded and used their free Rename Card, and don’t want to spend money to purchase another one, you have one option left—complete missions up to level 10.

You will get mission rewards, including a free rename card.

The process is as simple as:

  1. Launching the game app and selecting the “Mission” icon on the bottom right corner.
  2. Next, pick “Progress Missions”.
  3. Ensure levels 1 to 10 is unlocked.
  4. Pick level 10 and click “Collect all”.

How do you use a Rename Card to change your display name in PUBG Mobile?

Once you get your rename card, follow these steps to use it:

  1. Open the game’s home screen
  2. Pick “Inventory” from the Menu.
  3. Look for the crate icon then click on it
  4. Select the “Rename Card” and click “Use”.
  5. A prompt will appear on your screen telling you to Change your nickname with the rename card.
  6. Type your new nickname in the text area and click “OK”.
  7. Your name will change automatically

A few things to note with changing your name in PUBG mobile and PC include:

  • You can only change your nickname once per day.
  • Names that are already in use by other players don’t get approved. So, you must pick a unique name. Adding numbers and symbols could help if you have issues with approval.

Talking of symbols, check out how to change your name in PUBG with symbols below:

  1. Get the symbols from the names of the best players on the leader boards: Go to the PUBG ranking section and look at the name profiles that you like. Copy the symbols and characters that you like and paste them in the text area while changing your name.
  2. Use Third-party applications: Apps like the Text font generator have several unique PUBG name symbols that you can incorporate in your name. Simply download the app, then copy the symbol from the app and paste it when changing your name.
  3. Use symbols from other languages: For this method, you must upgrade your keyboard to get more languages. Later, when changing the name, switch to a language with different symbols and use the ones you like.

How to change PUBG Name on Xbox

When it comes to the Xbox console, you can change your name using the following process:

  1. Press your “Home” button and go to “My Profile”.
  2. Select “Customize profile”.
  3. Select “Gamertag” and click on it again to start typing your new name in the text area.

How to change your appearance in PUBG

To change your appearance in PUBG mobile, you’ll need a minimum of 3,000 Battle Points (BP). You can acquire this in-game currency by completing missions.

Appearance in this case covers your gender, face shape and features, hairstyle and color, and skin color.

NOTE: Clothing isn’t included. You can unlock clothing items in-game for free.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Start the PUBG game on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the menu at the bottom and select inventory.
  3. Look for “Customization”.
  4. Press the “Reset Appearance” button. It’s next to your character.
  5. Make the changes you want and click “OK”.
  6. Lastly, press the “Purchase” button to confirm that you want to spend the Battle Points (BP) to change your player’s appearance.
  7. The total amount will depend on the changes that you make.

Can you change your name in PUBG Mobile without a card

Now, it’s impossible to change your nickname in PUBG mobile without a Rename card.

Can I use the same account for PUBG Mobile and PC?

No, you can’t. First, the game doesn’t support cross-platform gaming. Although you can use an emulator to play the PUBG mobile on PC, players with PUBG PC can’t play with or against those using PUBG mobile.

If you’re planning to play both the mobile and PC versions of the game, be ready to create two accounts.


To wrap up, always take your time to choose a good PUBG nickname. You’ll save yourself the unnecessary hassle of accumulating enough UC/BP to buy a Rename card. Therefore, you get adequate time to enjoy and master the game.


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