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Common Roblox Errors: How To Fix Them

Common Roblox Errors: How To Fix Them
26.11.2021 13:49

Common Roblox Errors: How To Fix Them.. Roblox is a platform that stores hundreds of games, so it’s normal that from time to time it suffers from some error and prevents you from playing. However, most of those errors are easy to fix if you know how.

In this guide we will show you the most common errors in Roblox and how to solve them. We recommend that you save this page in your bookmarks so you can come back when you don’t remember what to do.

How do you know if you are in the presence of an error?

  1. the game explicitly sends you an error message with its code
  2. the game takes a long time to load or does not load
  3. you can enter the game, but not play
  4. the game closes unexpectedly

If the game shows you an error message with its code, just look at the solutions below. If your error is not in our list, leave us a comment explaining what is wrong.

Robolx script>>>>

If one of the cases two to four happens to you, first check that your internet connection is stable. If that doesn’t solve the problem, try:

  • reboot the router
  • reboot the computer
  • make sure that the antivirus is not blocking Roblox
  • uninstall and install Roblox

One such method should solve the problem. Below we will show you the most common error codes in Roblox.

Roblox Error List

Error 6

There is a problem with the internet connection. It could be that it has fallen or the antivirus has blocked Roblox. First check your internet connection and that the router is working properly. Then check the anti-virus, if it is blocking Roblox, unblock it.

Error 142

The server you want to connect to is not available. Try another one.

Error 148

You must update Roblox.

Errors 256 and 274

You’ve been banned from the server or it’s down. If it’s a ban, you have to remove it. If it’s the server, there’s nothing you can do. Play another game.

Errors 260 and 261

The server is faulty or your internet connection is not stable. Check your internet connection, if that is not the problem, it is the server. In that case you can’t do anything. Play another game.

Error 262

There is an error when trying to connect to the server. Most likely your internet connection is failing. Check it and re-enter the game in a few minutes.

Error 264

The game has been opened on two different devices on the same account. You have to close the game on one of the devices to play.

Error 267

There is a problem loading the game or you were taken out of the game. Try to log in again in a couple of minutes.

Error 268

It happens when they take you off the server and try to put you on another one, or Roblox conflicts with some exploit program you have installed. The solution to this error is to uninstall those illicit programs.

Error 271

This error usually comes up because the server ran out of players (only you), although sometimes it appears for no reason. It’s not relevant, just jump in and get back in the game.

Error 272

The game detected that you are using an exploit. You must close it to be able to play.

Error 273

It can happen because you receive a warning, you get banned, the internet is failing or you try to play the same game from another device.

If it is for the first cause, avoid inappropriate behaviour. With the second one, it eliminates the banning. The third, check your internet connection. And the fourth, close the game on one of the devices.

Error 274

The server is temporarily inactive. Wait a couple of hours and come back in.

Error 275

The server is under maintenance. Wait a couple of hours and come back in.

Error 278

You were inactive for twenty minutes and were thrown off the server. It’s not serious, you can go back in at any time.

Error 523

The server is closed. There is nothing you can do. Play another game.

Error 524

The game is down or you try to play a VIP game without permission. There is nothing you can do. Play another game.

Error 529

Roblox has technical problems, wait for them to be solved.

Error 589

You were disconnected from the game, possibly because of internet problems. Try to connect again.

Most frequent error codes on the Roblox website


Roblox is in maintenance. Wait a couple of hours until the platform is active again.

Error 400

The URL you entered does not exist on the Roblox website. Please enter a valid URL.

Error 403

You try to enter a restricted site on the page. You simply cannot enter and there is no way to do so. Don’t keep trying.

Error 404

It can happen because of error 400 or because your country, state, province… has blocked access to the Roblox website.

Error 500

There is a problem at Roblox. Wait a couple of hours until they solve it.

Error 504

Roblox is in maintenance, down or your internet is failing. Check your internet connection, if that is not the problem, wait a couple of hours until Roblox solves the problem.

What Is a server?

You may have noticed that we mention the word “server” several times. We will give you a small definition in case you don’t know what it is.

In short, a server is a device located somewhere in the world where all the information of a game is stored. In other words, a server stores the maps, characters, objects... of a video game.

When you play any Roblox game, you connect to a server to access all the information of that game.

In most cases, there is not much you can do when the problem is on the server (maintenance, failures, crashes, etc.). The common thing is to wait for the developers or Roblox staff to solve it.

So much for the Roblox error guide and its solution, how did we manage to help you?

Remember that if you have any other problems, or even if you follow our instructions and do not manage to solve them, please leave us a comment. We will try to help you.


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