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Download and Install Amlogic Flash Tool on Computer

Download and Install Amlogic Flash Tool on Computer
14.12.2021 23:07

Download and Install Amlogic Flash Tool on Computer.. You can Download and Install Amlogic Flash Tool on your PC through this tutorial. Most people may not know about the Amologic Chipset because the shine of Snapdragon, Exynos, and MediaTek covers the light of Amlogic. This chipset can be located in many Chinese phones like Xiaomi and others. Previously we discussed the Mediatek chipset and dedicated tool ModemMeta for Windows. Today we are discussing the Amlogic Flash Tool which is dedicated to the Amlogic Chipsets.

Although there are very rare devices that are using the Amlogic Chipset. But the quantity of users is pretty high. So, maybe they required a tool like Amlogic Flash tool. This tool is compatible with Windows OS. The purpose of the Amlogic Flash Tool is kernel/recovery flashing, porting TWRP recovery, flashing zip files, taking backups, etc on Amlogic Chipset Devices. Users who are using Custom Roms of Stock Roms can flash the stock and other Roms on the same chipset devices.

What Amlogic Flash Tool can do?

There are multiple functions that the Amlogic flash Tool can perform on your device using the connection between Windows and another device with the Amlogic chipset. We are mentioning the noteworthy features from the vast list of Amlogic Flash Tool Features.

Flashing Firmware

This is the reason why most of the Amlogic chipset device users download and install the Amlogic Flash tool on their Windows PC. It flashes the stock and custom Roms on the compatible devices with the user’s consent. To Flash the Stock Rom on Amlogic Chipset phones using the Amlogic Flash tool, users need to follow the below steps. Before proceeding, get the latest and correct firmware file for your Amlogic device model.

  1. Install the Amlogic Driver on the PC.
  2. Launch the Amlogic Flash Tool.
  3. Click on the Connect button.
  4. Enter the IP address of the handset.
  5. Click on Connect again.
  6. Load the .img file.
  7. Click on Flash to start installing the firmware.

No need for an installer

Amlogic Flash Tool is a portable application or you can say software for your computer. You don’t need a separate installer or even a built-in to install this tool. Just download the file and run the executable file to install Amlogic Flash Tool on your Windows PC. Download and extract the tool on your computer, locate it in the location directory and open the AMLogicFlashTool.exe file

Supports Amlogic Chipset Only

Remember the Amlogic Flash Tool only supports such devices that have Amlogic Chipset. After installing the Amlogic Driver on a computer the tool will automatically detect the device that is connected with your computer. Now the rest of the function is in your command.

.img Format Support

The Amlogic Flash Tool supports the .img files. So, it’s important to download the stock ROM that you want to flash must be in .img format. Get the correct file and you are ready to use the tool on any of your Windows OS running computers from Windows XP to Windows 11 (32-bit or 64-bit).

Download ModemMeta Tool on Windows 11

Here are the links to Download ModemMeta Tool’s latest version on your Windows PC.

Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v6.0.0 (Latest Version)

Here are the previous versions of the ModemMeta Tool for Windows PC.

Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v3.1.0 Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v3.5.0 Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v3.5.1 Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v4.0.0 Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v5.0.0 Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v5.0.8 Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v5.0.9 Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v5.1.2 Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v5.1.5 Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v5.2.0 Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v5.3.0 Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v5.3.1 Amlogic_Flash_Tool_v5.5.0

Again we want to warn that it is illegal in some states, so don’t try it there. Without the active IMEI number, your device won’t gonna recognize by the state telecom department. The scammers may use this tool to offer you unlocking at cheap rates. You should never fall into a trap.

How to Download and install Amlogic Flash Tool on your Windows PC

  1. Download and install the on your PC.
  2. Download and extract the Amlogic Flash Tool (zip) on your computer.
  3. Double-click on the AMLogicFlashTool.exe in extracted folder to launch it.
    1. Click on the Connect button.
    2. Enter the IP Address of your connected Amlogic device. [Settings > About > IP of your Amlogic]
    3. Click on the Connect button again. Once your device is connected, make sure to check whether the status is showing Connected.
  4. From the Kernel/Recovery tab, click on either Boot or Recovery under the ‘I am flashing’ text according to your preference.
  5. Now, you’ll have to click on the Browse button. Locate the .img file from your PC where you’ve saved the stock firmware.
  6. Make sure to select the file and then click on Open > Next, click on the Flash button.
  7. This will start the firmware flashing process. So, wait for some time until it gets completed.
  8. You’re done. Now, close the flash tool, disconnect the USB cable, and restart the handset.

That’s how you download, install and use Amlogic Flash Tool on your Computer. For any guidance about the tool, you can ask through the comment below.


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