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Fix: FFXIV Error 2002 (Lobby Server Connection Bug)

Fix: FFXIV Error 2002 (Lobby Server Connection Bug)
14.12.2021 23:10

Fix: FFXIV Error 2002 (Lobby Server Connection Bug).. FFXIV plays a vital role in the Final Fantasy series. Because of its fascinating in-game graphics and effects, players like to be a part of an MMORPG world. But certainly, many users are bieng annoyed by the Lobby Server Connection Error 2002. So here, I’ve decided to deliver workarounds to fix FFXIV Error 2002 with ease.

How Do I Fix FFXIV Error 2002?

There can be several reasons for Lobby Server Connection Error 2002. Either your network isn’t working correctly or the OS isn’t allowing certain files to execute at the right moment. That’s why there can be several fixes to bypass FFXIV Error 2002. I’ll provide all the possible solutions that I have collected from the game forums and found them helpful in fixing the issue.

Restart Your Router

You should consider restarting your Wi-Fi router to bypass the FFXIV lobby error. Becasue sometimes, your router is unable to provide the right signals or your device isn’t picking the right amount of bandwidth from it. And, once the connection is restarted, the router starts to provide the correct amount of signals, required to play online games on PC.

Customize Firewall Privileges

Windows firewall doesn’t allow certain apps to run without the right permission. So users are required to allow the third-party apps to run through the Windows firewall manually.

  • Launch the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Navigate to System and Security >> Windows Defender Firewall
  • Click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall
  • In case FFXIV isn’t available inside the allowed apps list, click on Allow another app
  • Now click on the Browse button and upload the FFXIV game
  • Hit the Add button
  • Check both Public and Private checkboxes for FFXIV
  • Click on the Ok button to save changes.FFXIV Lobby Server Connection Error 2002


Still, if Windows Firewall isn’t allowing you to play FFXIV on Windows PC, you can disable this built-in utility for good.

  • From the Windows Firewall page, click on Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off
  • Now disable both Public and Private sections
  • Click on the Ok button and close the window.Lobby Server Connection Error 2002

Remove Third-Party Antivirus Programs

A third-party antivirus can also interrupt with FFXIV game and be a cause of lobby server connection error 2002. So users can check whether if that’s not the issue by disabling their antivirus software temporarily.

  • Press Windows + I keys
  • Click on the Apps tab
  • Locate and select the installed third-party antivirus software
  • Click on the Uninstall button and confirm the action.FFXIV Error 2002

Uninstall WTFast

Many players use the WTFast networking utility to make the most out of their favorite MMORPG games. So if you have installed WTFast on Windows PC, you need to uninstall it. Because this networking tool can be huge a cause of FFXIV Error 2002.

  • Press Windows + R keys to launch the Run box
  • Execute the appwiz.cpl command from the run box
  • Select WTFast from the list of installed utilities and hit Uninstall
  • Once the software is uninstalled, restart your computer.FFXIV Error 2002

Play FFXIV in Safe Mode

One fix that’s quite tricky is to play FFXIV in Safe Mode. For that, you need to boot your Windows PC or Laptop in the safe mode and then launch Final Fantasy XIV on it. Because now certain OS operations will be disabled and you’ll be allowed to enjoy your favorite MMORPG peacefully.

Use Ether Cable Instead of Wi-Fi

Rather than using Wi-Fi on your computer, try connecting to the internet source through a cable. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi signals are weak and users are unable to benefit from MMORPG games on their PC. So it would be better to play FFXIV on Windows through an Ethernet Cable.


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