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Hentaiware.uwu hvh csgo cheat v.2.9.3

Hentaiware.uwu hvh csgo cheat v.2.9.3
16.12.2021 11:57

Makalede Neler Var

Hentaiware.uwu hvh csgo cheat v.2.9.3.. ХВХ’ and Similar, hvh csgo cheat, a free cheat to play on HVH servers, has a quick update post game update by the developer team. The developer team stated that this free CS:GO HvH Hack works better and more smoothly than the CS:GO cheats Rawetrip and Especially v2 is just around the corner and according to the coder, cheating will be very cool.

Developer Note:

Compared to rave trip or backmove (their main free competitors) the cheat is very good, there are two problems: lags (sometimes) and brainwave (below is a complete instruction on how to run this cheat correctly so it will work). Join the developer Discord server! hvh csgo cheat

How to use for Hentaiware.uwu hvh csgo cheat

  1. Create a folder: %appdata%\hentaiware\configs
  2. Throw the config attached to the theme there.
  3. Be sure to translate the COP into English.
  4. After the injection (yuzaesh exrim = go f4ck) do not press anything in the menu, immediately load the config and only then change something, otherwise it will crash.
  5. Let’s play & Enjoy 🙂
hvh csgo cheat

Hentaiware.uwu hvh csgo cheat – Last Update Change:

  • Improved multi points
  • Improved Scan data Reworked safe point / безопасный хитбокс
  • Improved hitchance
  • Reworked scan player
  • Improved automatic stop [Between shots, Force accuracy]
  • Improved double-tap
  • Improved hide-shots
  • Reworked instant double-tap
  • Added test anti-exploit
  • Improved resolver
  • Reworked local animfix
  • Improved enemy matrix
  • Reworked enemy animfix
  • Reworked full anti-aim
  • Improved desync | yaw
  • Added pitch null on landing
  • Improved all indicators
  • Added check LC indicator
  • Added new miss logs


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