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How To Install Wurst 7

How To Install Wurst 7
12.12.2021 05:06

Makalede Neler Var

How To Install Wurst 7.. A step-by-step guide that works on Windows, Linux and Mac!

Step 1: Install Fabric

    1. Fabric installer download instructionsDownload the Fabric installer.
      • It is recommended to use the Universal/.JAR version.


    1. how to run the Fabric installer with JavaRight-click the Fabric installer, select “Open with” and then choose Java.
      • Depending on your system, you will see either “Java(TM) Platform SE binary”, “OpenJDK Platform binary”, or both.
      • It doesn’t matter which Java binary you use, just don’t use WinRAR. WinRAR is not Java.
      • If you don’t see Java in the list, select “Choose another app”.
      • If you can’t find Java at all, install Java first.


    1. Fabric installer usage instructionsIn the Fabric installer, select the Minecraft version you want to use and press “Install”.
      • If you want to use snapshots, make sure that “Show snapshots” is checked first.
      • Leave “Select Install Location” at the default value. Changing this can sometimes cause problems.
      • Leave “Create profile” checked. That way you don’t have to make your own profile.


    1. Fabric API download instructions
    2. Go to the Fabric API page and select your Minecraft version at the top right.
    1. more Fabric API download instructionsThen download the latest (top-most) version of the Fabric API for that Minecraft version.
  1. .minecraft/mods folder with Fabric APIPlace the Fabric API in your .minecraft/mods folder.
    • To get to your .minecraft folder, open Windows Explorer and type/copy %appdata%/.minecraft into the address bar.
    • Create a “mods” folder if it doesn’t already exist, then place the Fabric API file inside.
    • (If you are using Linux or Mac then the path to your .minecraft folder will be different. Please check the Minecraft Wiki for that part.)


Step 2: Install Wurst

    1. Wurst Client download instructionsDownload the Wurst Client, if you haven’t already.
      • Again, use the latest version and make sure that it matches your Minecraft version.


  1. .minecraft/mods folder with Fabric and WurstAdd Wurst to your .minecraft/mods folder.
    • See above for how to find this folder. It is the same folder where you placed the Fabric API earlier.


Step 3: Launch The Game

    1. where to find the "modded" checkbox in the Minecraft launcherIf you have followed my recommendations above, you will already have a “fabric-loader-…” profile in your Minecraft launcher.Make sure that the “Modded” checkbox is enabled, otherwise you can’t see your Fabric profile!
    1. Minecraft launcher Wurst profileIf you don’t have the Fabric profile, go to “Installations” > “New…” and copy these settings.
      • You can set the name and icon to anything you want.
      • Your version will look slightly different than mine, but make sure that it starts with “release fabric-” and ends with your Minecraft version.
      • Changing the Game Directory can sometimes cause problems. I recommend leaving it at the default unless you know what you’re doing.
      • Don’t forget to press “Create”.


  1. how to launch a modded fabric profileThen select your Wurst/Fabric profile and press “Play”.Be sure to click away any “player safety” nonsense. These warnings have nothing to do with safety!

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