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How to Play Squid Game for Free on Roblox

How to Play Squid Game for Free on Roblox
09.11.2021 09:48

Makalede Neler Var

How to Play Squid Game for Free on Roblox.. Squid Game is one of, if not the most popular Netflix show to ever hit TV screens around the world. Obviously anything trendy & meta always makes it way into the Roblox world one way or another. In this article we’ll show you how to play some of the various Squid Game(s) yourself on Roblox & win dat cash.

Most Popular Squid Game Inspired Games on Roblox

Since there are thousands of developers on Roblox there are many variations of “Squid Game” available to play. Each one is very similar, but they are all developed differently & have different gameplay & features.

Here are the most popular Roblox Squid Game variations that you can play today. Some of the other games in the past got taken down for copyright, so these may or may not be here forever.

Pet Simulator X HACK

Squid Game

roblox squid game

This is the most popular Squid Game remake currently on Roblox. It usually has over 40k+ players & there is always enough people in a lobby to get into a game quickly.

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You can push other players in most of the games in this version. So watch out for other players trolling you & trying to get you killed while playing the games.

The cookie game in this version is probably the most accurate & it’s always pretty easy to complete.

This version includes a different game on game 3 called “Flood Escape” instead of the marble game. You must complete an obby as dangerous water chases you up the tower. This game was not in the Netflix series.

Overall this is the most popular version & is super fun to play. If you enjoy Squid Game & want an active lobby with fun games, this is the one for you.

Play Squid Game on Roblox

Red Light, Green Light

red light green light roblox

Red Light, Green Light is the second most popular Squid Game inspired experience on Roblox. There are usual about 15k people playing, so lobbies are easy to get into.

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The graphics are pretty good & the lobby is cool because they show real time leaderboards of people winning.

Another cool feature is that you can see who was eliminated on the giant floor leaderboard in between games.

Every game in this version is basically the same as the show there are no extra or made up challenges.

The cookie tracing in this version is pretty bad & can cause a lot of rage. Especially if you get stuck with the umbrella shape.

Play Fish Game on Roblox

Squid Game X

squid game x roblox

The graphics in this version aren’t the best & the lobbies take a while to get started. With that said, it’s still fun to play if you are bored of the main games & want a different experience.

The music is kind of annoying, but you can always turn it off it it bothers you.

Even though this is the 3rd most popular version, the cookie tracing challenge in this one was built a lot better & gives you more of a fair chance to succeed.

The coolest thing about Squid Game X is that one player is randomly chosen as the “Glass maker”. They can help players get across the glass bridge challenge, so It’s important to help keep them alive if you want to win.

Tug of war is not fun in this one & you will destroy your space bar trying to win.

Play Squid Game X on Roblox

Fish Game

fish game roblox

The lobby in Fish Game is not as nice as the other games & the beds are wooden & kind of huge. The music isn’t too bad as they use the official sounds for most of the game.

Fish Game differs from the rest as it doesn’t have you play games in order. Instead a random game is started every minute or so based on what players vote to play.

There are only 3 game types on Fish game though (Blood Rising, Shapes & Red Light, Green Light) so you might get bored of this version pretty quick.

However the shapes game mode is super fun & is probably the only reason to play Fish Game as the other Squid Game remakes have more content.

Play Fish Game on Roblox

Hexa Game

hexa game roblox

Hexa Game was one of the first Squid Game inspired games to come out on Roblox after the show was released. However they didn’t hold their popularity as other games pushed it to the back fo the line.

The graphics & lobby in Hexa game are pretty simple. Probably the least impressive of any game in this list. It seems that the developer stopped updating it as other Squid Game competitors came out.

There are no custom game types in Hexa Game, everything is modeled perfectly after the show. The cookie tracing in this one is pretty easy though, so you shouldn’t have any problems there.

The tug of war mode in Hexa Game is a pain in the butt because you have to chase the button around your screen to click it. Other than that, it’s just your plain old Squid Game remake.

Play Hexa Game on Roblox

Those are all of the best Squid Game remakes that you can current play in Roblox. Which one of them is your favorite to play so far?

We hope you found this short guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any uestions or concerns!


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