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Ludo King Mod APK v5.3.0.166 (Unlimited Coins,Gems & Six)

Ludo King Mod APK v5.3.0.166 (Unlimited Coins,Gems & Six)
05.12.2021 09:21

Ludo King Mod APK v5.3.0.166 (Unlimited Coins,Gems & Six).. Are you looking for the Ludo king Mod Apk 2021? then this article is going to provide your search with the working downloading game links for free. You can get unlimited of Money and Six in ludo dice then make your self winner of that game.

Ludo King is a classic board game which basically played between two or more friends & family to enjoy the time and get the joyful moments with them. We used to play this game when we were in childhood with our school’s friends or local ones to spread happiness. Why not re-play our childhood memories with this ludo king game.

Ludo King Game is modern time and 21st-century game which gives you allow to play the full ludo access in your Android Mobile, PC, and the Tablet. You could connect with your friends and social media peoples via the internet and can play the same ludo king game at the same time.

As we know, We always want to be a winner of every dice game, but it’s possible only if we get tons of Dice Sixes in that game. Well, It’s not on our hand to get the maximum sixes to be a champ of the ludo and make a great identity in front of our friends and social media handles.

But If i say, that’s possible to get unlimited of Dice Six and money in the Ludo King Game! Also full of premium features that are available only in the paid version of ludo king download.

In this article, we are going to share with your the working 100% Ludo King Mod Apk through you can get the Full Premium Access with the unlimited of money, gems, and 6ixes every time you need.

Without wasting time, let’s get into the ludo king hack apk.

What is Ludo king Game?

Ludo King is a classic Board Game that we used to play in our childhood days, and made much amount of memory with our friends and family. The game is available on every platform you need to play like Android, IOS, PC, Tablet, and it works with every version of the device.

You can also play the game in offline mode as it supports offline ludo games. Through the computer and the local multiplayer areas, it works offline very well. Furthermore, thorough the internet, you can join any of the games from your location and could allow you to play ludo games with other locations person.

Ludo King Classic Board Game is available on the Google play store for free. It developed on Dec 17, 2016, by the Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. This game was awarded No one game in the classic game categories in 2019. Till now, More than 100M+ Active downloads have been done Only in the android device and get the 4M+ Positive reviews to stand in the highest peak of the classic game niche.

Ludo king is available on two versions of the game, one of the free versions, and the second one is premium. In the Premium version, you get unlimited skips, unlimited of joining, and the No Advertisement features.

Well, everyone can’t get the premium version of the ludo king download game. That’s why we brought you the Premium Ludo King Apk Mod version free for our Tricksgeek users.

What is Ludo King Mod Apk?

Ludo King Mod Apk is a modified version of the Ludo king official game, where you get the unlimited access of premium features e.g., Unlimited money & gems, No ADS, Infinite game access, and many more for free.

This is one of the traditional games which was played by our Kings between the queens in ancient periods. You will also get access to a Similar structure game, which is Snakes and ladders, and it concluded in the ludo game. You have the features of jump start 1 to the 100 steps, Unlimited of moves, Roll on a die, Ladders hacks, Skip Snakes and add ladders, Choose up & downs, and many hacks available in the Ludo King Hack Apk.

Some hacks of Ludo king Apk’s

  • Access Nature, Egypt, Disco theme’s
  • Real chat with friends
  • Play game worldwide
  • Get User-Friendly System
  • Challenge Facebook Friends
  • Pause & Play the Ludo Game
  • Support Low Devices

Play the game’s with your friends & family online or either offline and make your champion identity in front of him by downloading the Ludo King Mod Apk on your android device. You have the power to change the gameplay in a second by using the premium features e.g., unlimited of money & gems, and infinite of Sixes through dice in the Ludo Mod Apk.

Ludo King Apk Mod 2021 Download

Here we brought the latest Ludo King Apk with the full of premium features included No Ads too. It’s tested version of Ludo king mod by our team Tricksgeek and also verified that’s working with unlimited of the device at any time offline & online both. Below we have given the download link of Ludo King modded hack apk through could download this working ludo app on your android device and start the game to be a winner.

Download ludo kind apk mod
App Name Ludo King Mod APK
Verson v5.3.0.166
Size 47 MB
Developer’s Gametion Technology Pvt Ltd
Update Today
Guide Read here
Telgeram Join Channel

I hope you have download the 100% Working & Latest Ludo Mod Apk on your device. You can also bookmark this page to get updated with the upcoming version of the ludo king game on an instant basis.

Ludo King Mod Apk Features

Before playing the ludo king apk mod, let’s get some of the information about these. Below we have listed down some of the important premium features of ludo king mod, which you must try while playing & enjoying these games with your family and friends. I tried to write more quick information about those features in the below section to help you out.

Unlimited Money & Gems

Ludo king mod money

Everyone want’s to explore more & more section of the game, and it’s only possible by taking purchase of the premium things. Well, you can earn money & gems after winning the ludo king game matches. But it takes you a long time to make a vast amount which through you can unlock some of the premium section of this ludo game.

But after using the Ludo King Mod Apk with unlimited of coins, you can grab the unlimited of money & gems hacks easily without any winning the matches. And You could purchase and unlocked premium stuff for unlimited times without worrying about the limitation of cash.


ad free ludo apk

That’s is one of the annoying things which is available on ever free version of the application. As the same, you get lots of irrelevant ads while playing the ludo game with your partners, and it breaks the flow of play and makes us unlikely to continue those games further.

To get rid out of this shit, we brought you the Ludo King APK, which is fully modified, and all of the advertisement codes had been removed from the source file. You will not be going to get a single ad in this ludo apk and also no one at a time of playing.

Infinite SIX

If you are a young guy or student or someone who loves to play the classic ludo game’s on their free time with friends and family, they know that how much it is important to win that game on the front of their loved once. No one is going to decide the winner of any competition before start playing and performing well.

But after using the some of hacks things which is available only in the Ludo King hacks apk, you can be a winner of any game’s in front of the very well player also. This apk allows you to get more & more Sixes Points in the game, which helps you to go away by taking long steps and cut other’s one button and win the game quickly and fast.

Premium Support

Ludo king mod apk support

You may be stuck on many points in the game at the time of playing, or maybe you get some bugs in the application. Then you will have a support Option where you can get access to the Premium ludo mod apk support team to help you to get rid out of. If the Online Multiplayer, Playing with friends, through the computer or Local Multiplayer issue, you get in the future; then you can contact the support team quickly. They will fix those bugs online and sort out the problem immediately.

Offline Mode

One of the best things you can do after ludo apk download is that you can play the ludo game with up to 6 multiplayer at a time. You don’t need to require an Internet connection to continue playing this game with your local friend’s team. In this game, you can connect many devices offline at a time via Hotspot and Bluetooth. Also, have the option to choose the layout of 4 player’s and the six player’s ludo dashboard.

Unlocked Live Theme’s

Lot’s of new & premium Ludo King themes are unlocked in this ludo king mod Apk. In the free version of the ludo game, you need to complete the live mission and winning the game to unlocked a single live theme, which gives you another lookup for your dashboard. But after playing the apk mod of ludo, you will have access of 100’s of Live themes for free, and you can change your dashboard theme at any time you want.

Some of the Premium Live Theme’s you are going to get, e.g., Jungle, Egyptian, Disco, Pinball, Cake & Candy, and many more.

Ladders Shortcut

ludo king hack apk

You used to remember your childhood when someday you purchased the ludo from any shop; you also get the one page of Snakes & ladders dashboard. Same in the Modern online type of classic ludo king game, you are going to get the Snakes & Ladders panel also.

But wait! This is not the hacks, But you are going to have access that could change any of the ladders and snakes position according to your dice points. This means that If you got the snakes, then you can change it to the shortcut of ladder’s and put it there without dying by snakes. By following these hacks of the Ludo king, Mod can easily be a winner of every match.

How to Install Ludo King Hack Apk

If you are an old user of Tricksgeek, then you must be aware of the installation process of every Tricksgeek apk, but if you came here the first time, then no worry. Here we gonna share the step by step guide to install the Ludo king mod apk unlimited coins on your android device without getting any issues.

Follow the given below instruction’s and get the working ludo game apk quickly and doing hope it would help you at the time of installation.

Step 1: Go to the download section above and click on the “Download button.”

Step 2: You will be redirected to the main download page, again, click on “Download now.”

Step 3: Now go the Android Settings >> Privacy & Security << Unknown Source << Click allow.

Step 4: After that, “Open” the downloaded Ludo King hack mod apk.

Step 5: Click on “Install Button,” then it may take some seconds for full installation.

Step 6: Now click on “Open Button” and start to Win the Game.

Screenshot of Ludo Mod Apk

ludo king mod
ludo king hack apk
hack ludo apk

Ludo Apk Download Tutorial

People Also Ask (FAQ’s)

There might be some of the random questions of Ludo King Mods that are going to move on your mind! Right? That’s why we are going to try to put out the answer to some of the most asked searches question, and we caught it from the search engine. I hope. It would help you to know more about these apk’s well.

What’s the Premium Access in this Ludo King Mod Apk?

You get many features in the free version of the ludo king game, which is available on the play store. Still, also, this game is possible with the premium version, which costs you around 10 to 26,000 penny, which is much for the students and low ground people who can’t afford the premium subscription.

Well, you will get all of the unlocked premium features, including the online multiplayer, offline sharing, Snakes & ladders with hacks, and many more things.

Is it safe to use on android?

The unofficial developer’s community modifies 100 %, This game for those who love to play & access the classic ludo game’s for free. There are no types of bugs and harmful virus, malware are not available, and our TG team already tests it. You can also scan these apk files by using these Premium Avg Antivirus apk for android.

How to get unlimited Money & gems?

In the free version of ludo king, you need to complete the many tasks and winning the game after that; you get some amount of money. Still, in the ludo king mod hack apk, Unlimited of Money & Gems Section is fully unlocked, and you can grab those after that opened the advance level at the starting point.

By having more money & gems, give you the chance to access many premium sections.

How to Remove Ads from the Ludo King Game?

You are going to get the 100% Ad-Free dashboard in the ludo mod apk while playing & enjoying the game with your friends and family. Ads are very annoying to change our happy mood into an angry one, so we care about our users and modified and removed all of the ad codes from the source and re-developed this apk without any Ads for free.

Is this the latest version of Ludo King Apk?

This is the latest version v5.0.0.153 of the ludo game apk and fully modified with premium features also. Every apk’s on this blog, TricksGeek, has to be updated on a weekly or monthly basis. So, I must recommend you to bookmark this article to get updated with the upcoming latest version of this game.


I hope you got the 100% Working and Latest Ludo King Mod Apk 2021, which is fully unlocked premium features and updated with the latest v5.1.0.156 on July 02. I shared the apk where you get the unlimited of money, gems, No Ads features, and the Unlimited times. Six moves to be a winner of every game.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this article Ludo King Hack Apk, then you may comment below to get the answer’s by our team within 24 hours. Also, asking one thing from you that could you share this article? With your friends & family to engage them and collect them into your team.


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