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63+ Working PUBG Mobile ID and Password with Unlimited UC

63+ Working PUBG Mobile ID and Password with Unlimited UC
30.12.2021 09:36

Working PUBG Mobile ID and Password with Unlimited UC.. Do you want some latest PUBG mobile accounts containing UC, Outfits, Royal Pass, etc? Want to grab them for free? Below are the best PUBG mobile id and password containing lots of free accessories in them.

I guess PUBG doesn’t need any introduction, we all know how popular PUBG Mobile is among youngsters, and especially in this lockdown, it became so popular that almost every guy and girl were after it (even if it’s banned in India). Like all other action games out there, PUBG Mobile also offers many things and one such is the in-game currency.

With this in-game currency, players can buy some items like skin, dressing, bags, and other accessories. Although PUBG Mobile has 4 types of in-game currencies. UCs are more useful and hence more popular among users.

So, what are these UCs? Are they really useful? Well, as said UCs are just in-game currency in PUBG Mobile and hence they can be used to buy stuff in the PUBG mobile world.

As you know if it’s the currency it will cost you some bucks. Most of the players playing PUBG mobile are students who don’t have enough money to buy UC, thus for players like that, we have got you this post with PUBG mobile accounts with unlimited UC.

We are also organizing Free Royal Pass Giveaway for all PUBG mobile variants i.e. BGMI, Global, Game for Peace, etc. You can participate in it and even if you don’t win the Royal Pass, some free redeem codes will be sent to all Participants.

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If you need the UCs for free you can make use of our post on how to get free UC in PUBG mobile, or you can continue with the accounts mentioned in this post and enjoy the benefits. But before that let’s know a few things about these IDs and UCs.

What is a PUBG Mobile ID?

When a new account is registered in PUBG Mobile, it is given a unique ID and this is called PUBG Mobile ID. I know that many of you know about this, but many players don’t know what this is, and at the same time they don’t know where to find it.

Anyways, keeping that aside let’s see how to find your PUBG Mobile ID. Firstly, open your PUBG mobile app. Tap on the profile icon at the top right corner. Now you can see your PUBG ID.

PUBG mobile ID has many uses like in the redeem center and also inviting your friends to play games. You can also use it to find other players to join.

What are UC in PUBG Mobile?

UC stands for Unknown Cash. This makes it easy for the players to buy many items within the game. This is nothing but the virtual currency of PUBG mobile as normal money can’t be used in the game for making transactions.

How can UCs be used? UCs have a lot of uses like buying rare skins, outfits, items like bags, and others. You can also gift or exchange UCs to show your gratitude or to make some bucks.

That being said, let’s move to the list of accounts with unlimited UCs. Before that let’s see why these accounts are important or how these are helpful.

Why Should You Use These Existing PUBG Mobile ID Password Accounts?

You might have reasons to look for the best possible PUBG mobile IDs with UCs. But you may not know how they are benefiting you. So, here’s why to use these existing IDs and how they benefit you.

1) Unlimited Benefits: As they have unlimited UC you can use them to buy whatever you need and whenever you want. You can get almost everything from the shop with the UCs.

2) Time-Saving: As you, all know getting UCs will consume more time. Thus if you have an account that already has UCs you are saving a lot of time.

3) Fewer Efforts: You need not go through much to get the UCs to buy what you need.

4) Alternative for Your Account: There are high chances that you may lose your account, in that case working hard to build another account and get all the UCs back is hectic. So, you can make use of these accounts as an alternative.

5) Pre-Existing Rewards: As these accounts are made for testing the unlimited benefits of the accounts, thus they have many rare items which are already claimed. And you can use them without much hustle.

Now is the time for the most awaited section of our post. Below I have mentioned all the possible IDs along with their passwords, according to what they offer. Please use them wisely with utmost care.

PUBG Mobile ID and Password Working Accounts List – December 2021

Many users have been creating IDs in PUBG mobile and making them public for users to use as they wish. This is usually done by some dedicated PUBG mobile fans.

And as you all know that one can create a PUBG mobile with different login options like Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter. Here’s a list of such IDs with their passwords that are available for users to use.

PUBG Mobile Gmail ID and Password List

The PUBG mobile Gmail accounts that are listed below contain limited UC but are highly working till now. You can grab them easily as the chances of their working is too high.

Sr No PUBG Mobile Gmail ID PUBG Mobile Gmail Password
1 122123124c
2 rom4you69
3 menethim007
4 13314402man
5 love4Humans
6 kiran64@iam
7 iloveak47
8 pubg2freefire
9 999bore
10 thebest2453
11 lovethioppp
12 terminator98707
13 pubg98765
14 crazy1234
Working PUBG Mobile Gmail ID Password

PUBG Mobile Facebook ID and Password List

Similar to the above-listed section, in this section, you will find some working PUBG mobile Facebook accounts with limited UC.

Sr No PUBG Mobile Facebook ID PUBG Mobile FB Password
1 kathrin2499 03@24@99kath
2 Glacier goha4905
3 Pro659123 prouser659
4 player00782 0782comeback
5 elrond1s violet135
6 cortana24869 dresses418
7 majorking5 55major55
8 abhijith0934 abyee129
9 fullbilgi agit2131
10 alyx123 ico123254
11 genji436 sakura414
12 jokerboss2000 yusuf2005
13 markinto09 mk477007
14 goro5587 reiko34521
Latest PUBG Mobile Accounts with Facebook ID Password

PUBG Mobile Twitter ID and Password List

Following are some working PUBG Twitter accounts but there are fewer chances that it would work as they are scraped from various sources on the Internet.

Sr No PUBG Mobile Twitter ID PUBG Mobile Twitter Password
1 Adixrow209 Scc259004
2 trickfirepubg TFP9034
3 skillshowmeyou SSMY7789
4 simi niefa2004
5 kppsgvdvee K2P4P6P8
6 Pwdibg886 Ctop500
7 rameshmehtapug RMPUBG789
8 techlypropl TECHLY360
9 gdhduiinegh GYJNG456
10 Kingdom bossdon12
11 pgmag5443 Magnum83
12 tyrahhhh05 atirahalia
13 Udepizi Udepizi123
14 sikbeni yalabeni34
PUBG Mobile Accounts with Twiter ID and Password

List of PUBG Mobile Accounts ID and Password with Unlimited UC

This list has all the PUBG mobile accounts that we found on the internet which has unlimited UC (Unknown Cash) for users to use for free. Since these accounts have unlimited UC and are made especially for testing purposes, you need to grab these accounts fastly.

Sr No PUBG Gmail ID with Unlimited UC PUBG Password
1 123456789
2 danielbrown5
3 kills100hit
4 Mina59mj
5 Zianubokt69
6 perez200
7 dach9628
8 XviPTakxm
9 thebestman856
10 wirtango492
11 984462560
12 vipcocacc8
13 pubgnoah1995
14 jackjones333
15 itsmesamia samia0983
16 habilal10 habib1099
17 urmeshkhan07 khan0070
18 SHAH$ZODA Shahzoda1419
19 reymysterio4 619619619
20 Vasa567 35447700
21 Tanvirman78 winnerhere
22 harun58 78787808
23 Shodh@r@ni rani2832
24 DenisVicliuc Atamay068096134
25 markvenzir7 70707marky
26 Abdulqader qaderkhan99
27 Magdyudj1772 Djauymin444
28 minerhere minning247
29 prinkysharma sharma65
30 Potangina@ 79207392
31 kathrindsouza dsouza18
32 сега170908 6677866666
33 anandh247 kinganandh
34 hardefatah harde12345
35 pavanprince PPking47
36 Thakorkamlesh Pirojpura
37 karthikboda boda2514
38 Busterjay10 perez2003
39 hamtysk sk007006
40 kiaritze 98kia98
41 Bodadrop 1234anskill
42 Riagrgh Rowdyria
PUBG Mobile Accounts ID with Unlimited UC

PUBG Mobile IDs and Passwords with Exclusive Rewards

As you have made this far, we have some bonus accounts for you. The accounts listed here will have many rewards like outfits, event unlocks, rare guns, skins, rare emotes unlocked, and what not. We are pretty sure that you will love these accounts.

Sr No PUBG ID with Rewards PUBG Account Password
1 Saniyasanii990
2 ramzan95
3 Aaxcc1214
4 oprowhat
5 4839292934
6 samsungJ5
7 Haris23 Paris
8 Yakudzarich Yaebalvashrot
9 ABxWÖŁF Diart
10 mibonti35 3535Monty
11 doncik1520 DONIYOR15
12 AK47TANMAY Devil47
13 pinkysha Sherpink
14 samir99 blacksam7
PUBG Mobile IDs and Passwords with Bonus Rewards

How to Make Use of PUBG Mobile Accounts with Unlimited UC?

You can use these accounts in the same way as you have used your normal account. You just need to copy-paste the ID and password on the login page of PUBG mobile and tap login. That’s it you are good enough to go!

Things will work the same for all accounts and you need not worry about it. Getting an account is easy but protecting it is not! Many hackers will try to steal your account. But don’t worry we got you covered.

Go through the below section to know how you can secure any sort of PUBG mobile account and remain protected from hackers.

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How to Secure Your New PUBG Mobile Account Containing UC?

The best possible way to do this, whichever login option you are using, just change the password for the same.

For example, if you have used Gmail to get a PUBG mobile account just change your Gmail account so that no one can hack your PUBG mobile account from Gmail. This can be done for all the other options like Facebook and Twitter.

You can also protect your PUBG mobile IDs by turning ON the 2-factor authorization feature in your Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail IDs. 2FA is probably considered to be the best way because you will get a notification to your mobile if your account is getting logged in to any new device. This can help you know if anyone is trying to log in to your account.

That being said, I hope that you understand completely about the UC and how to protect your accounts. But you should remember that when you search for Unlimited UC accounts, you will land on some pages or sites that may claim that they can give you new PUBG mobile accounts in no time by generating them on the go. Are they for real? Let’s look into that,

Are There Any PUBG Mobile Account Generators?

As said many people do offer you these PUBG mobile account generators and claim that they will give you accounts in no time, and these accounts are fully functional.

But, the truth is no account generator works! They are all fake! This is just a strategy from some people who use the user’s mindset to get views and traffic to their site for earning money. This is benefiting the site owner but not the user, so why waste your time on these websites just avoid them as much as you can.

To create a PUBG mobile account the credentials should get registered in the back-end server and the creation records are maintained for future login. In the case of these generated accounts as they are not pre-registered on the server they won’t work.

I highly recommend you to not get tricked by these so-called PUBG mobile account generators. Keep updated and stay alert!

Stay Away from Hacked PUBG Mobile ID Accounts

Many websites claim that they have hacked versions of PUBG mobile which can help you get UCs and all other benefits from PUBG mobile.

But these also won’t work! You should remember that these PUBG mobile hacked versions may infect your mobile with a virus, or it can make your mobile not function properly. This type of hacked stuff usually contains some malicious code that will cause you more trouble than benefits.

Get PUBG Mobile ID and Password with Unlimited UC – Related FAQ:

Here are some of the FAQs that users usually ask around the internet regarding PUBG mobile account id and password queries. Hope these are helpful for you.

How to Find PUBG Mobile ID?

PUBG mobile ID can be found in your profile overview. To know your mobile ID you can follow the below steps: –

1) Open your PUBG Mobile app. Let it load and in the lobby, tap on the profile icon at the top right side of the screen.
2) Now you should find your ID in this profile section. You can copy the ID and paste it somewhere to remember it for future use.
3) With the PUBG mobile ID, you can join other teams and you can also invite others to join your team.
4) ID is nothing but a small code that will act as a registration number for your account and let you play the game.

Is It Possible to Recover Suspended PUBG Mobile ID Accounts?

Yes! It is possible to recover your suspended PUBG mobile account. But this solely depends on the support team whether to unban your account or it. Usually, PUBG mobile accounts are suspended if you have violated the terms of use. Mostly it’s a 50-50% chance that you may get your account back.

But you can try mailing the team about your concern and explain to them why it’s important for you. is the mail to contact for this purpose.

Which is The Best Place to Sell and Buy PUBG Mobile ID?

You can buy or sell PUBG mobile IDs on the internet. And as you know that the internet has more options and hence the more risk. So, whenever or wherever you are buying or selling PUBG mobile IDs please check that the website is genuine or not, and also look for the reviews about those websites. and are a few such websites that most people are using and trusting. Their authority score is also high and hence are the best places to sell or buy PUBG mobile accounts.

What is My PUBG Mobile ID and Password?

As there are many login options for PUBG mobile, you can have different types of IDs for PUBG mobile. As said above it has Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and also guest login the IDs will look different for each case.

If you have used Gmail to log in, then your PUBG mobile credentials will be the same as that of your Gmail ID and password. And the same goes with Facebook and Twitter, if you have used Facebook it’s the same as Facebook, and if it’s Twitter it’s the same as Twitter’s credentials.

For guest accounts, you don’t have any passwords. But the drawback of this is your data won’t be stored thus you may lose your entire data once you have logged out or installed the game. It’s always better to link your PUBG mobile account to Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail.

Are There Any PUBG Mobile ID Account Giveaways?

Yes! Many giveaways are going on where you can get PUBG mobile accounts for free, or by taking part in some programs. Usually, these giveaways are offered by some famous YouTubers or Bloggers who are inserted in growing their fan base or subscribers.

You can take part in the contests they held, or you can just be a lucky winner in their giveaways. Apart from these, you can also find some giveaways or free PUBG accounts on Twitter and Reddit fan pages.

Can We Hack PUBG Mobile ID and Password?

No, you can’t! It’s highly impossible to do this. And we do not recommend hacking PUBG mobile accounts. If you get involved in hacking, there is always a possibility that you will get punished for the same. Why even hack accounts, when you are getting these listed PUBG mobile IDs and passwords for free? It’s an urge from our team, please don’t get involved in hacking.

Should I Buy PUBG Mobile ID and Password Online?

Many people are offering free IDs and passwords, so why pay for them? But if you are persistent about buying them, you can get IDs online from many websites, or you can have them from your friends. But there are a few things to keep in mind while buying a PUBG mobile ID:

1) Check the genuinity of the website.
2) Always check whether the account looks genuine or not.
3) If you buy it from your friend it’s always better to have a look at the account and then pay them.

Think twice before buying not only a PUBG mobile account but also anything online. Stay vigilant while making transactions online.

Instead of buying accounts, you can buy UC directly in PUBG mobile. And for Indian users, the govt of India has imposed a ban on buying UC in PUBG mobile. So, we have provided a good solution on how to buy UC in PUBG, even if you are an Indian player you can check it out to buy UC in no time.

Final Words

And we have come to the end to summarize, we have listed the importance of UCs in PUBG mobile along with a few IDs and passwords to get these UCs. You can pick the ID and password you need and try to log in with them.

Most of the IDs should work, however, if someone else has claimed them, you can’t use those if they have changed the password. So, it’s better to hurry and grab yours now! All you need to do is copy the ID and password, and log in with the same.

We will try to update this list from time to time, once a new ID comes to our notice we will update the list. Hope you enjoyed the content! For more such info and tricks about PUBG mobile, you can visit our PUBG Mobile section, also you can subscribe to our newsletter.


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