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Roblox Adopt Me hacks and tips for pets

Roblox Adopt Me hacks and tips for pets
24.11.2021 21:17

Makalede Neler Var

Roblox Adopt Me hacks and tips for pets.. Roblox Adopt Me is a role-playing video game that was developed by Dreamcraft. It is available on Roblox, a gaming platform. In this game, you can play as a parent adopting a child or as the child being adopted. building hacks in roblox adopt me, Adopt me pet hack script, adopt me decorating hacks, Roblox adopt me hacks, Adopt Me pet hack 2021, adopt me custom pet, adopt me window hacks, adopt me hacks prezley.

Whatever role you play, one thing that is common is that you can adopt pets. The pets have similar moods to babies. Furthermore, they can be taught new tricks by the pet trainer at school. If you play as a child, you won’t be able to hold pets or put them in strollers, but parents can.

How to get free pets in Roblox Adopt Me

There are various ways in which you can get pets in Adopt Me. You can get the pets by earning bucks and purchasing eggs, via star rewards or via events. Below are the details on how to use each of these methods.

1. Starter egg

If you are starting your game, you should first talk to Sir Woofington at the Nursery. He will then give you a Starter egg. Once you have it, you should complete the objectives for it to hatch.

When it hatches, you will have to choose either a Dog or a Cat. Whatever pet you choose, it can’t be traded, so choose wisely.

2. Star rewards

You can also use star rewards to get pets. To get the stars, you will have to login every day. The stars will accumulate on how often you log in. You also get bucks each day you log in and a gift every 5 days. When you log in for the 30th consecutive day, you will get a Cracked egg which you can hatch for a pet.

When you collect 210 stars, you can use them to purchase a Ginger Cat. You can save up to 400550 or 660 stars to get a ToucanStarfish or Golden egg respectively. The Golden egg can give you a Golden Unicorn, Golden Griffin or a Golden Dragon once it hatches.

3. Bucks

Bucks is the Adopt Me in-game currency. You can earn bucks through the login bonuses, paychecks, money trees, and completing objectives, among others.

Once you have accumulated a fair amount of bucks, you can buy an egg from the Nursery. You then get a pet once your egg hatches. The eggs come at different prices. The higher the price the more valuable the pet.

Here are the prices of different eggs:

  • $350 Bucks: Cracked egg
  • $600 Bucks: Pet egg
  • $1,450 Bucks: Royal egg
  • $750 Bucks: Aussie egg

Note: There are currently no codes in Roblox Adopt Me. Furthermore, there isn’t a way to enter the codes in the game even if they were there. It is also risky to cheat in the game as your account may be blocked. So, the only ways to get pets in the game are the ones above.


That is all we had about Roblox Adopt me codes for pets. We hope that the methods provided in this guide will help you get the pets you want. But, if you encounter issues with any of the methods above, let us know in the comments section.


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