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Roblox Radio Codes

Roblox Radio Codes
16.12.2021 14:07

Makalede Neler Var

Roblox Radio Codes.. Roblox radio codes galore. So if you are looking to add songs to your games, then here’s a list of the best radio codes for Roblox.

A proper sandbox let’s you “manipulate” your virtual environment to play with your creations without limitations and while Minecraft seems to fall under this genre, Roblox proves to be a top-tier and its origin is much more humbler.

Bringing an enormous community of developers as well as players alike, Roblox is a very large multiplayer online game creation platform. It typically let users create games effortlessly whilst letting them play the ones created by other users.

From the massively popular first-person shooter Phantom Forces to role-playing games like Meep City and more, Roblox catalog of games is colossal and they’re all crazy fun and free-to-play.
Aside from the blocks, weapons, tools and assets you’d receive to assist you in your creative career, Roblox let’s you add music to your games provided you have the in-game boombox item.

From Roxanne to Cradles and more, there are a plethora of them and they’d help make your game more engaging and memorable. Now if you’re looking to add songs to your game, then here’s the best Roblox radio codes you should grasp.

Music Codes for Roblox

Also known as Song IDs or music codes, Roblox Radio codes galore. There are hundreds of millions of ’em and whilst a slew are considered unpleasant, there are some worth adding to your games. With that said, below is a table containing a list of all the best and most popular Roblox radio codes.

Radio Codes
Cradles 2787753799
Baby Shark 1000388087
Ruthless 3169851082
The Box 4521908173
High Fashion 4751485268
Roxanne 4551697370
Heart on Ice 3620282123
Skechers 4736766355
Say So 4493765642
Cannibal 2052769949
Savage 200931888
Candy 996149327
All Star 2814428592
Dancin 2372056506
Bloody Stream 1031380033
I’m Blue 362567158
Armed and Dangerous 2553381394
NBA 3194178659
Congratulations Pewdiepie 3026381596
Noticed 267152210
Everything Black 696623897
Don’t Stop Me Now 3455283612
Earth 3136311095
Despacito 1345639272
Baby I’m Yours 2649314010
In My Feelings 2045933229
Cha Cha 3455289546
Look Back at It 2889067436
Falling Down 2390067986
Jotaro Theme 4526638837
Great Days 566621878
Kill This Love 3037137473
Hopes and Dreams 511173666
Never Cared 2585438809
Play With Fire 1405159065
Valentino 800647821
Blueberry Fejgo 4642552560
City of Angels 4838896614
Safaera 4766765769
Vete 4441871370
Ozuna 844237635
Yellow Heart 4326384848
Dance Monkey 4070784981
Falling 4458730202
Moonlight 1678047143
Changes 1576249163
Bad 2035523873
Jocelyn Flores 1326909345
Look at Me 2833524128
Lucid Dreams 2450587456
Hope 2452225950
Robbery 2904525748
Roses 2852029714
Old Town Road 2924787912
Hit or Miss 2579777475
Crab Rave 1617737624
Dior 4686178812
Find My Way 3099749774
Costa Rica 4598300079
Fishy on Me 4908301571
GOOBA 5006132786
Megalovania 3182300166
Finer Things 2536232873
Leaked 3198440262
Sleepy Hallow 2942954790
After Party 167726481
Toes 481562857
Woah 4466484585
Suge 3483276733
Candy 996149327
Play Date 2165354986
Soap 433757823
Pity Party 2712117775
City of Angels 4838896614
Renegade 839061778
My oh My 868295137
Death Bed 3852221223
The Spectre 1088486530
Crab Rave 1665200729
Coffin Dance 5054555073
Lottery 3560810213
Bad Guy 3035657191
Fall 4491574574
Egg Hunt 5128532009
Bubblegum 4829832440
End of the Bacon Hairs 4880331244
Rip 4773093598
Righteous 4943925437
Minecraft Good 4614271734
Astromonia 4880965453
Ok Boomer 4932456113
Minecraft Nerd 4625284754
Never Gonna Give Up 4662452515
Eu Gosto de Batata 4654483576
FrontPage 4762087546
No Scammin 5027631090
Moral of the Story 4805195742
Caleçon 5022391351
Doja Cat 4649504981

The table above contains the most popular Roblox Song Ids. From Rap to Nightcore then down to TikTok Roblox radio codes. Trust me, you are certainly going to love them.

Adding the Above Roblox Codes to Your Roblox Game

We do appreciate the fact that you are here and also we give you accolades for choosing to bring life to your games by not overlooking the importance of sounds and music.Assuming that one of the above listed Roblox music codes have been copied to your clipboard, you must be wondering how to upload them to your game. Well we’re here to help and with that said, here’s how to add any of the above Roblox Radio Codes to Your game.

To get this one going, simply log in to and jump into the Create option. From here, select the game you want to add music to and you’ll be redirected to Roblox Studio.


In there, click on “View” followed by Explorer and Properties. Once done, right-click on Workspace and select Insert Object.


From here, search for the term Sound and select it. Once done, you should see a new properties window beneath the Explorer section.


Hover your mouse in there and click to enable Looped (that’s if you want the song to play over and over again). Once done, locate SoundId and paste any of the Roblox music codes listed above.


Hit enter to add the song and then preview it. Once done, set the music volume to 1 and then head into the Explorer section and right-click on StarterGUI.


A drop-down should appear, simply select Insert Object from the list and on the next page, select LocalScript.Now erase the default print of “Helloworld!” and paste the following script into the box



Once done, close the LocalScript tab and then click on Home followed by Play within Roblox Studio to see the music in action.

Wrapping Up

So this is it. From listing the best radio codes for Roblox to unveiling how to add them to your game, we’ve literally covered everything in a way that’s understandable. However if we have missed your favourite Song ID, simply comment the name below and we’ll add the code for you as soon as we can.


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